Greetings From East Lake

by Don de Leaumont

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Greetings from East Lake! Where is East Lake you ask? East Lake is a little slice of Heaven right here in Atlanta, GA. It’s a pretty magical little place full of some pretty awesome characters. It’s where I live and it’s where I recorded this here five song EP so to call it Greetings from East Lake just made all the sense in the world. There really isn’t a great, interesting backstory behind this title. Sorry to disappoint.

This EP was recorded at home using a one microphone set up. No multi-tracking, no cleaning shit up, just good ol’ fashioned guitar/voice into mic into computer. Well, I guess if it’s going into a computer it’s not all that old fashioned but you get the idea. Why do it this way? Well, because the songs were there and they needed to be out there. Too many times in my life have I stressed about perfecting a recording session or making sure it was all spot on and the fun and the magic of the songs just seems to disappear. This EP was without a doubt the most pleasant, relaxed one I’ve done yet. I started recording it on March 4, 2015 at 4:00pm and I completed it at 6:30pm that same day.

I hope you enjoy the songs you hear on this recording. Each song is a story; a piece of me that I hope you will enjoy hearing. As always, there’s nothing really deep here. You don’t need much of an education or a dictionary to figure out just what I’m singing about. You just need to open your ears and allow yourself to become part of the story. Maybe you’ll find a piece of yourself in them or maybe you’ll find someone you know in these songs. Regardless, the fact that you have taken the time to download this, read this, and listen to these songs is an honor and for that I thank you all.


released March 4, 2015

Don de Leaumont: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Weird Breathing



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